Middlewater Natural Gas Line Project

Client: FJ Technologies/Diane Mitchell Consulting Biologist
Location: Belridge, Kern County, California
Completion Date: Ongoing since 2014

Project Highlights

Pre-construction Biological Surveys

  • Focused blunt-nosed leopard lizard surveys
  • Special-status plant surveys
  • Nesting bird surveys
  • Western burrowing owl surveys
  • San Joaquin kit fox surveys
    • San Joaquin kit fox den monitoring
  • Focused surveys for San Joaquin antelope squirrels
    • SJAS trapping and relocation
    • Small mammal burrow excavation 

Designated Biologist and Biological Monitoring

  • Implementation of CDFW ITP, CDFW Streambed Alteration Agreement, and CDFW monitoring plans.
  • Annual Report preparation for CDFW Incidental Take Permit and CDFW Streambed Alteration Agreement
  • Habitat disturbance tracking
  • Erosion control measures
  • Habitat restoration planning and implementation