California Resources Corporation (CRC)

Client: California Resources Corporation (Formerly Occidental of Elk Hills, Inc.)
Location: Tupman, Kern County, California
Completion Date: Ongoing since September 2010

Projects supported:

  • Oil and gas production wells (Private, Fee, and Federal Leases)
  • Power poles, transmission lines, pipelines, roads, and other infrastructure
  • Well abandonments
  • Tank and facility demo
  • Reclamation

Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) Implementation

  • Habitat disturbance tracking
  • Annual and Semi-annual reporting to USFWS and CDFW
  • Survey tracking
  • Covered species tracking
  • Survey results
  • Successful permit compliance during multiple projects since 2010

Annual Threatened and endangered species monitoring on Elk Hills Oil Field conservation lands

  • Blunt-nosed leopard lizards
  • San Joaquin kit fox – Spring and Winter spotlighting and scent station surveys, and natal den monitoring
  • Small mammal trapping (SCP-10521 expires 2018)
  • Shrub and vegetation monitoring
  • Giant kangaroo rat colony assessments
  • Hoover’s woolly-star monitoring

On call Biological Support

  • Pre-construction surveys for detection of listed species for general oil field operations: well pads, pipelines, power poles, and oil spills.
  • Habitat assessment
  • Protocol level blunt-nosed leopard lizards surveys (2011-2015)
  • Botanical surveys
  • Construction monitoring
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Trainings
  • Covered species mapping
  • Coordination with state and federal agencies
  • Implementation of Federal Biological Opinion, California Department of Fish and Wildlife Incidental Take Permit (CDFW ITP), Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreements, and USFWS and CDFW Endangered Species Monitoring Plan for the Elk Hills Oil Field.
  • Wildlife removals